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Before downloading please read the Download and Installation Guide, that shows you how to install 3D Seasons.


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Which Version?

There are in total six different versions of 3D Seasons. Each version has other effects on the gameplay. So please read this conclusion on the versions...

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3D Seasons Changing (recommended)

This version adds all four seasons to your game. The seasons automatically change every 20 minutes, allowing you to have a new Minecraft experience! This version is also recommended, since this is the intention of 3D Seasons.

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3D Seasons Spring

You like the season spring or you want to change the seasons manually? Then you can use the version Spring, which only adds spring to your Minecraft world!

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3D Seasons Summer

Summer is a great season, right? This version adds summer to your game and makes all plants dark green.

3D Seasons Autumn Logo

3D Seasons Autumn

You like red and brown leaves? Then you can use 3D Seasons Autumn, allowing you to experience the season autumn!

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3D Seasons Winter

Snow white is the color of this season. Everything will be covered in snow, when using this version!

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3D Seasons Test

You want to know if the seasons are really changing? Or you want to make screenshots with the different seasons? Then you can use this version, which changes the seasons in seconds...


By downloading you are agreeing to the Terms of Use for 3D Seasons.

Not sure how to download and install 3D Seasons? No problem! Check out this guide:

How to install 3D Seasons.

For Minecraft 1.13 and 1.14

3D Seasons Changing Logo
3D Seasons Test Logo

3D Seasons Spring Logo
3D Seasons Summer Logo
3D Seasons Autumn Logo
3D Seasons Winter Logo

Last updated: 05.05.2019

Version: 2.2

Minecraft-Version: 1.13  and 1.14

Compatibility with 3D CreatorCraft:  from V2.1+

Legacy Versions for 1.9-1.12

3D Seasons Changing Old
3D Seasons Test Old

3D Seasons Spring Logo Old
3D Seasons Summer Logo Old
3D Seasons Autumn Logo Old
3D Seasons Winter Logo Old

Last updated: 08.04.2018

Version: V1.0.0.1

Minecraft-Version: 1.9-1.12

Compatibility with 3D CreatorCraft V1.0.2.7