Minecraft Marketplace · 14. April 2020
My first project for the Minecraft Marketplace is now available! The CreatorPack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Enjoy Minecraft with high definition, smooth and clean textures in every part of the game!

General · 16. March 2020
Yes, you heard it right, I am now an official Minecraft Partner! Unbelievable! Maybe you already know me from one of my resourcepacks. If not I would like to introduce myself to you, since I actually did not really do that yet on this website.

3D CreatorCraft Changelog · 05. May 2019
3D CreatorCraft is now available for Minecraft 1.14! There were many new 3D blocks and items added. Check them out! And there is also a huge changelog...

3D CreatorCraft Changelog · 03. March 2019
Added campfires to 3D CreatorCraft.

Added the new 1.14 noteblocks to 3D Noteblock Displays!

3D CreatorCraft Changelog · 10. February 2019
Added an animated 3D stonecutter for Minecraft 1.14!

3D CreatorCraft Changelog · 01. February 2019
Added a composter and barrel to the pack!

General · 19. January 2019
X.M.R. (Xtreme Minecraft Realism) is a new video series, where I try to recreate real life scenes in Minecraft as realistic as possible. In this case I created a London Underground station called Pimlico.

3D CreatorCraft Changelog · 22. December 2018
Added sweet berry bushes to 3D CreatorCraft 1.14!

3D CreatorCraft Changelog · 30. November 2018
There are now grindstones in 3D CreatorCraft 1.14!

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